We ♥ Robots? Social acceptance of autonomous micro vehicles in public spaces

Autonomous micro vehicles have great potential to contribute to a more sustainable, desirable living environment. But under what conditions will society accept delivery robots and other autonomous micro vehicles in public spaces?

Online Study about the phenomenon of Gaze Cueing in Human-Robot-Interaction

How do people not run into each other on the pavement? Can this phenomenon be transferred to delivery robots on the pavement? In spring 2021, the Chair Individual and Technology, RWTH Aachen University, conducted an online study to investigate the influence of gaze cueing in interactions between humans and delivery robots.

Central coordination of UrbANT via clac transport management system

With the web-based software solution CLAC Citylogistik (based in Aachen), neomesh introduces a communication center or management interface through which the UrbANT are controlled.

Successful completion of construction phase of shopping set up

In line with the UrbANT project, easy2cool GmbH is responsible for the shopping set up.

It concerns an autonomously driving robot which is able to transport shopping goods right at door-step. Due to the direct user interaction, particular attention is turned on the conception of an ap-propriate ergonomics which has been evaluated through several examinations and studies by pro-ject partner ika.

Foldable body structure

After successful concept development, DITF is in the process of manufacturing individual components of the UrbANT- Folding body structure. Recently, the rolling door has been finished using tapelaying process. Subsequent to the tapelaying process, stiff thermoplastic high-performance carbon fibre tapes were compression molded together with a flexible thermoplastic film.