Assembled foldable body structure

The folding body structure developed within the scope of the project UrbANT, enables to transport larger items for example the luggage from airport or a plant from a nursery to one's door step.

The folding body structure was designed and manufactured at DITF. The individual components of the folding body structure were manufactured with glass fibre reinforced plastics to reduce the structural weight of the UrbANT thereby increasing the usable net weight. Further, the foldable body structure permits to alter its volume, so that items with different volumes can be transported within the UrbANT's customizable volume.

In the last weeks, the individual components of the foldable body structure have been assembled together. The size adjusting mechanism and the electronic components like display, mono-cameras, NFC reader, barcode scanner, ultrasonic sensors, etc. were integrated into the foldable body structure. Utilizing the mechnically controlled volume adjustable mechanism, the volume of the foldable hat structure can be changed according to the needs. Further, the cabling was made to connect the electronic componets to control unit which will be integrated on the floor space below the usable space of the foldable body structure.

The foldable body structure has been transported to the premises of the project partner ika for further testing of the HMI componets.


Components of the folding body structure

Foldable body structure in folded state
Foldable body structure in unfolded state
Inner space of the foldable body structure
[Foto: Faltaufbau]