API development for smartphone app and parcel station

In the current project phase, neomesh GmbH was particularly involved in the further development of the API as well as the technical integration. The API was documented according to OpenAPI standard (swagger). As part of the development of the smartphone app based on flutter, the API has now implemented for clients in addition to the existing server implementation. The smartphone app can thus be used as a user interface for UrbANT via the vehicle API. Several tests were performed to evaluate the functionality: unit testing as well as tests according to user stories, load tests and performance tests. Logging, or automatically created entries in the central system log, was elaborated and allows tracking of all interactions that take place through the API.

The development of the parcel station was completed successfully in the last project phase. The neomesh logistics system can manage any number of compartments per UrbANT, each of which allows unique customer assignment. In the case of the parcel station, ten compartments with different dimensions are stored.

These compartments can be merged with each other and can thus be adapted to the customer's needs depending on the size of the goods to be shipped. For the collection of goods in individual compartments, PIN assignment and user authentication via NFC, among other things, have been developed.


picture: section of an OpenAPI-definition