The parcel station is set up

As one of the three top parts of UrbANT, the parcel station enables the delivery and collection of parcels to one's own front door or to the office. In order to realise its functionalities, the ika has developed a concept for the top part and detailed it in the past months.

The implementation included the integration of several innovative features, such as the variable-size compartments: the parcel station contains ten smaller compartments, each 310 mm wide, 405 mm deep and 107 mm high, separated from each other by slatted shelves. By folding these, up to five compartments each can be combined vertically to form one large compartment.

The comprehensive HMI includes two displays at the front and on top of UrbANT as well as a circumferential LED matrix, which will be installed under a plexiglass dome. The dome serves on the one hand as a design element and on the other hand as a seamless closure of the vehicle towards the top, thus enabling a simple sealing concept. The primary trim components were designed as SLS printed parts and thus combine low weight with good shape accuracy and stability. In the next step the white, still untreated, components will be painted before the final assembly of the parcel station.

UrbANT Paketstation 01
UrbANT Paketstation 02