Online Study about the phenomenon of Gaze Cueing in Human-Robot-Interaction

How do people not run into each other on the pavement? Can this phenomenon be transferred to delivery robots on the pavement? In spring 2021, the Chair Individual and Technology, RWTH Aachen University, conducted an online study to investigate the influence of gaze cueing in interactions between humans and delivery robots.

Gaze cues are hints we give with gazes, e.g. where we are going when someone approaches us on the pavement. This was investigated in the study. The participants watched short video clips where either a human, a humanoid robot or a delivery robot came towards the participant. In the videos, the counterpart looked either straight forward or did an eye-movement to the left or the right. After each video the participants indicated spontaneously in which direction they would skirt. The results have been presented at the 12th Media Psychology Conference in September 2021.