Successful completion of construction phase of shopping set up

In line with the UrbANT project, easy2cool GmbH is responsible for the shopping set up.

It concerns an autonomously driving robot which is able to transport shopping goods right at door-step. Due to the direct user interaction, particular attention is turned on the conception of an ap-propriate ergonomics which has been evaluated through several examinations and studies by pro-ject partner ika.

These insights have been realized in the construction of shopping set up, ultimately resulting in the division of three separated temperature ranges:

  • Bottom area of the set up is designed to transport dry goods. Additionally, rolls have been assembled to the bottom to make loading of crates as simple as possible. This area is closed using a rolling shutter to save as much space as possible and to guarantee the required safety in operation.
  • Top area includes an insulated space for cooled goods like milk, butter etc.
  • Aside in the top area a further insulated climate zone for deep frozen products like LT-pizza and ice cream exists which is variably formable in size

This top area is lined with insulation mats by easy2cool GmbH and is supposed to guarantee the required insulation to keep the needed temperature. Due to the insulation mats’ flexibility, the mats can be integrated appositely in the intended constructed space which prevents the creation of possible thermal bridges.

During the phase of conception and construction, compromising design of set up, placing HMI com-ponents (screen, locks, goods scanner, cameras etc.) as well as possible large useable and cooling space was very complex.

After various adjusting rounds with involved project partners, the construction could now be com-pleted finally.

In the now following working step the production of the prototype as well as successive climate chamber tests are starting to define the exactly needed specifications of the insulation mats.

Aiming at keeping the required temperature in the insulated spaces in the top area for 4-6 h to cover the shopping way home.

e2c Bild 1
e2c Bild 2
e2c Bild 3