Design presentation

With the presentation of the exterior design, UrbANT gets its face for the first time. Together with the partners, ika's transportation designers have developed the design of the platform as well as the shopping, folding and parcel station hut structure over the last few months, which will be prepared for moulding in the coming months.

15 a Entwürfe Design GS ika
First design sketches
15 b UrbANT Entwürfe LIDAR 1b GS ika
sensor location drafts
15 c Design UrbANT Idea 2 GS ika
2D key sketch true to size
15 d DESIGN UrbANT Idea 3b GS ika
Another design idea
15 e URB Rendering 1 ika Projektvorstellung
Exterior 3D rendering front view
15 f URB Rendering 2 ika Projektvorstellung
Exterior 3D rendering rear view